Sunday, October 23, 2011

Girls Afternoon In... Thanks

Thanks to everyone that  generously donated to my Cancer Council Girls Night In.

We have raised $1000 !! so far , YAY !!! thanks so much.

So lovely to see so many of you at the Girls Stamping Afternoon yesterday. Thanks everyone who brought cakes and slices. Thanks Sue for all your help and for helping me make two lots of gift boxes !!

Here are some pictures taken yesterday. Sorry i didn't get pictures of everyone.

Everyone made these cards and a gift box
Making the button cards.

Lucky door prizes for everyone...
The butterfly card table.

Battling with the boxes !!
thanks for being so patient :-)
Sue's beautiful cup cakes

My girl !!!
...almost forgiven..

Thanks again for all your support ...
Fiona x

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  1. Lovely pictures!!! Miss being there with you - and Ellie looks very lady-like with that gorgeous bow!! :-) Congrats on a very successful afternoon!