Sunday, June 28, 2009

Backpack Class

Last Wednesday these cute little back packs were made by 6 very talented and extremely patient ladies in my class last week. The straps on the back required a lot of dexterity but everyone managed really well. Well done Terese, Deb, Emma, Katie, Kerrie and Bev.
The pattern for this backpack came from Split coast stampers. Backpack link.

The evening finished with a much easier Mini Handbag . It was too late to take photos but the handbags looked very much like this. (pattern from the Stampin' Up! demonstrator website)


  1. wow, well done Fiona ! The bags are super cute !!

  2. Hi Fiona, the back packs look really good, I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. So thankyou!

  3. Hello Fiona,
    I want to thank you for the inspiration that finally broke my card block!
    Your cards are lovely. Fresh and clean. Great work. I will be following your blog!

  4. these backpacks are adorable, what a creative idea! fab!