Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Friends Stamp Set

I made this bird mobile for my launch last week. It was so much fun making all the birds from different colours and patterns. It was quite hard to take a photo of so its really only showing part of the display. I based it on the one in the Stampin' Up! Catalogue on page 11.

I used the bird from The Good Friend stamp set to make a template. Then I traced around the template on the Good Morning Sunshine designer paper. Very quick and easy.


  1. How beautiful is that? Love the colors and the way you arranged them!
    You are a true artist !!

  2. What a wonderful display, Fiona! So bold and colourful.

    Happy Easter too!

  3. Thanks Lin Mei and Ariane. I think i like bold bright colours.

  4. They are SO cute, Very Clever.

    Teneale ;0)